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Shouldn’t income tax be payable only on income?

Income tax is a tax payable on income. Unfortunately, at times, the tax laws end up taxing receipts that are not really incomes, or which are really capital receipts or returns of capital. What are these receipts, and how are they taxable?

Gifts are a classic form of capital receipt, which, under tax laws, are treated as a regular income, and are taxed at your slab rate of tax. Exemption for gifts is limited only to gifts up to ₹50,000 per year, or if they are from defined close relatives, or received at the time of marriage, etc. This often results in gifts from close friends or family members, such as cousins, being subjected to tax.

The provision, which is meant to plug loopholes for tax evasion through fictitious gifts, unfortunately, also impacts genuine cases. While there is an exemption on amounts received or paid by registered charitable trusts, it does not extend to socially responsible persons who may raise funds to help persons in distress. Though you may use all the funds you raised for its stated purpose, perhaps even making out-of-pocket contributions to it, tax authorities may seek to tax you under this provision. Instead of being rewarded for charity, you may end up being penalized for it. The income tax department can certainly help alleviate such difficulties by issuing a circular which clarifies that amounts raised by individual benefactors and spent by them on victims of natural calamities or pandemics would not be taxable.

According to the law, even if you help a stranger in need by paying him/her more than ₹50,000, that person is liable to be taxed on such receipts, although he/she may have used those funds and his/her own resources to fulfil the need. Fortunately, the government has realized, though belatedly, the harshness of this provision and announced on 25 June that amounts received by a taxpayer for medical treatment from his/her employer or from any person for treatment of covid-19 during FY20 and subsequent years would be exempt from tax. It also said ex-gratia (without any limit) a person receives from his/her employer is tax-exempt. Further, amounts up to ₹10 lakh that the family members of a person who has succumbed to covid receive from any person will be exempt from tax. This is a welcome relaxation, which applies only to cases where a person contracts covid-19 or dies from the disease. A question that may arise in this context is whether such relief would be available in case a person dies within weeks of recovery from covid, as has happened in many cases. One hopes a legislative amendment would take care of such cases as well.

Another kind of capital receipt that is taxed is gains on sale of assets. While indexation of cost is permitted for computing capital gains on sale of property, such indexation neutralizes only 75% of the impact of inflation. Therefore, though your property may not have appreciated in real terms, if the impact of inflation is factored in, you still end up paying tax on part of your inflation-adjusted capital cost. Besides, on sale of listed shares, such indexation is now not available. Therefore, the longer you hold shares that rise at the same pace as inflation, the greater the tax you pay. Assume you bought shares in 2018 for ₹100,000, whose value of ₹125,000 today in real terms is the same as the value of ₹100,000 in 2018, you would still end up paying tax of ₹2,500 on gains of ₹25,000. But this gain is really nothing but an illusion created by inflation.

The third type of receipt of capital that is taxed is annuity or pension under a pension or annuity plan, where there is no return of capital on maturity or death. The annuity or pension that you receive, therefore, also involves a portion that is really a return of your capital, but yet the entire amount of annuity is taxed as your regular income. Fortunately, in the case of life insurance policies, due to recent amendments in the TDS provisions, it is now clear that only the excess amount received by you over and above the premium paid would be taxable as income. In the case of pension fund policies issued by life insurance companies, there could be situations where you have been allowed a deduction of only part of the amount of premium paid; but tax authorities may seek to tax the entire receipt on premature surrender of the policy. In such situations, an argument available is that only the amount received to the extent of the contribution allowed as a deduction, and the appreciation, can be taxed and not the entire receipt.

These are anomalies in the tax laws that certainly need to be remedied. Taxpayers should not be taxed on amounts that are not primarily of an income character, or that do not result in an enhancement of their capital in real terms.

Otherwise, taxes are taking away a portion of taxpayers’ capital in the garb of taxing them on their incomes, which is not the hallmark of reasonable or fair tax law.

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    2. The hysteroscope is inserted through the cervix into the uterus and enables the doctor to see any uterine abnormalities or growths online generic cialis Track your basal body temperature BBT to assess if you re ovulating

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    1. Still another letter writer, a surgeon from the United Kingdom 13, wondered why reports criticizing mammography raise a lot of angry rebuttal tadalista vs cialis

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    1. The International Breast Cancer Study Group IBCSG conducted two complementary randomized trials for peri and postmenopausal patients with node positive breast cancer to compare toremifene versus tamoxifen as the endocrine agent and simultaneously investigate a chemotherapy oriented question viagra for performance anxiety The incidence of persistent GTD is approximately 20 to 30 after complete mole, 50, 51 and 1 to 5 following partial moles

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    3. pylori from the general population, but because of its unreliability for eradication, all current treatments use combination therapy finasteride on sale no prescription It is supplied as follows

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    2. azapropazone increases effects of heparin by plasma protein binding competition levitra pharmacie sans ordonnance It s a good idea to bring a family member or close friend who may catch something you might miss and ask questions too

    3. One study that looked at the data of 114, 327 women in Denmark in an outpatient or hospital setting found that those diagnosed with endo before age 40 had a reduced risk of breast cancer generic cialis online

    1. Recent studies have shown effective outcomes when compared to placebo, but no clinical trials have compared with other antiparasitic drugs buy cialis generic online

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    1. cialis pills Unfortunately we all lose kidney function as we age and so stopping this loss is not possible

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    1. Linear combinations of parameters were tested with T and F tests, and the Satterthwaite method was used to calculate the denominator degrees of freedom cheapest cialis generic online com 20 E2 AD 90 20Viagra 20Femenino 20Mercadolibre 20Per 20 20Buy 20Viagra 20Adelaide viagra femenino mercadolibre per Chief Executive AndrГѓ Esteves, 45, has steered the bankthrough turbulent times in Brazilian capital markets by sharinginvestment risks with clients in sectors from oil and gas tologistics and agribusiness

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    3. As discussed previously, liposomal amphotericin B has the theoretical benefit of achieving higher brain tissue levels in animal models and voriconazole has some attraction as a potential triazole component, but there are no disease specific data comparing one regimen to another CII priligy online

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    2. The test substance is orally administered daily in graduated doses to several groups of experimental animals buying cialis online safe

    3. MC3T3 E1 cells transiently transfected with VCAM 1 were treated with either PBS or PTH, and migrations of 4T1 cells were assessed as described in the previous section male viagra pill walgreens

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    4. Causes of acquired thrombophilia cialis without a doctor’s prescription This device has been validated and found to be consistent with the requirements of the British Hypertension Society

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    2. As for the difference between CD 3- 7 CD 5- 9 my doctor as well as a fertility doctor RE said that taking Clomid CD 3- 7 produces more follicles, where CD 5- 9 produces less follicles, but they re more mature levitra pour les femmes Relaxation response to increasing concentrations of Cch 10 9 to 10 5 M; Tocris was assessed using digital video edge detection

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    1. These differences were mostly related to gene length compare Supplementary Figure 1 buy cialis on line

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    3. how effective is propecia Authors Choi JH, Berger JD, Mazzella MJ, Morales Corraliza J, Cataldo AM, Nixon RA, Ginsberg SD, Levy E, Mathews PM Journal J Neurochem Page No 1818 Tue Sep 01 00 00 00 EDT 2009 Volume Year 110 2009 Product Usage

    4. Wockhardt Research Centre, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India daily cialis online Bernard EJaeacutRb 6 17 2022

    1. The low T2 SI suggests the likelihood of п¬Ѓbroid rather than polyp cialis generic name flukloxacillin Flukloxacillin Heracillin tabl

    2. Fertility and sterility 2008; 89 505 522 generic cialis 20mg So how does Clomid work w women w PCOS, since they already have ovarian cycts

    3. 101 S40 femarelle S41 DT56a S42 LY viagra vs cialis Because of its blood thinning properties, he or she may ask you to discontinue using it for a couple of weeks beforehand and a week or so afterward, to avoid bleeding complications

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    3. The question of whether or not diuretics cause harm or at least do not offer meaningful benefit in the context of neonatal and infant AKI should be addressed more intentionally comprar cialis online

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